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10 Supply Chain Podcasts You Should Check Out Now

Supply chain podcasts do exist.

Things are constantly evolving in the supply chain industry and it’s often challenging to stay on top of it all. From the impact of trade negotiations on supply and demand to new regulations and technologies, there’s always something new to know. 

Industry podcasts are a great way to hear from some of the brightest minds in the business. Above all, it’s easy to download the latest episode, pop in your earbuds, and get the scoop on what’s happening.

In this article, we will show you 10 of the best supply chain podcasts to listen to today! The following podcasts will not only have you thinking about supply chain, but may also help you to appreciate the lucrative business of being the lifeblood of consumer supply and demand.

1. Supply Chain Revolution

Hosted by the “Supply Chain Queen” and one of our supply chain experts Sheri Hinish, the Supply Chain Revolution explores emerging topics in supply chain, sustainability, circular economy, technology and leadership. The podcast gives people access to insights, strategies, and tools to make better choices that shape critical aspects of their business and personal lives, building transformational change for a better, sustainable world. In each episode, Sheri and her guests (including professionals from Microsoft and SAP amongst others) challenge traditional norms and ways of thinking.

Episode frequency: Between 1-8 episodes per month

Episode length: Between 15-40 minutes

How to listen: Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts SpotifyStitcher and Pocket Casts

2. The Sourcing Hero

This podcast was founded by , Kelly BarnerThe Sourcing Hero covers stories about rising up and creating value within procurement. In the episodes, guest speakers, including experts from Mars and Rapid Packing share their tales of business heroism. A wide range of topics are covered, including procurement technology and supplier diversity.

Episode frequency: 1 episode a week

Episode length: Around 30 minutes

How to listen: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify and Podbean

3. The Logistics Tribe

Boris Felgendreher, one of our supply chain experts Dana von der Heide and Marco Prüglmeier host The Logistics Tribe, a podcast about the world of global logistics and supply chain management. In the many episodes available, the team cover a wide range of topics, from supply chain disruptions to female empowerment in logistics. Each episode features a guest speaker, with experts from Maersk, Nespresso and DB Schenker to name a few.

Episode Frequency: 1 episode a week

Episode length: Around 45 minutes

How to listen: Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify and Deezer

4. The Digital Supply Chain Podcast

Hosted by SAP Innovation Evangelist Tom Raferty, The Digital Supply Chain Podcast discusses thought leadership, best practices and innovation tied into the theme of delivering a sustainable supply chain. The podcast features interviews with experts from leading companies such as Sony and SAP and discusses every aspect of supply chains, from the design and planning to the product operation and optimization.

Episode frequency:  2 episodes a week

Episode length: Around 25 minutes

How to listen: Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts and Spotify


ROCKCAST is the only podcast out there for building materials logistics. In the unique episodes, hosts Paul and Dirk choose a rock song and then listeners can find out how that song can rock their cement, ready-mix, aggregates, or asphalt logistics. Although this is a relatively small podcast, we believe that it will gain popularity due to its different approach. Listeners can sign up to their newsletter, where they can gain free VIP access to new episodes.

Episode frequency: Around 3 episodes a month

Episode length: Less than 10 minutes

How to listen: Click on each snippet on the podcast’s page here

6. Supply Chain Now

Award-winning podcast Supply Chain Now, founded by Scott W. Luton, brings supply chain experts together to share their knowledge of the industry and discuss the disruptions, people and technologies that are shaping the world of supply chain management today. The worldwide audience tune in to listen to the brightest in the business, including professionals from Gartner and Paccurate. As well as the Supply Chain Now podcast, other podcasts such as Dial P for ProcurementTek Tok and Logistics with Purpose are aired by Supply Chain Now radio.

Episode frequency: 5 episodes a week

Episode length: Around 50 minutes

How to listen: Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify, and Amazon Music

7. Supply Chain Careers Podcast

If you’re looking to advance your career in supply chain, the Supply Chain Careers Podcast is for you. The episodes are hosted by “The Supply Chain Talent Specialist” Rodney Apple, “The Supply Chain Professor” Mike Ogle and “The Supply Chain Executive” Chris Gaffney. The hosts have conversations with supply chain professionals, including guests from HP and Lenovo who share career-building and team-building ideas.

Episode frequency: 3 episodes a month

Episode length: Around 30 minutes

How to listen: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon MusicSpotify and more

8. Let’s talk Supply Chain

One of the top supply chain podcasts out there is hosted by Sarah Barnes-Humphrey. Let’s talk Supply Chain covers diverse voices from the community, new innovations, and disruptors making waves. Sarah interviews supply chain experts in the episodes where a wide range of topics are talked about, including women in supply chain, digital procurement and trends in sustainability.

Episode frequency: 2 episodes a week

Episode length: Around 50 minutes

How to listen: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Stitcher

9. The Gartner Supply Chain Podcast

Hosts Thomas O’Connor and Caroline Chumakov regularly sit down with Gartner’s best thinkers, researchers and innovators to share their strategic insights and tactical tips supply chain leaders need to drive organizational success. Topics covered on the episodes include sustainability trends, supply chain diversity and risk.

Episode frequency: 2 episodes a month

Episode length: Around 20 minutes

How to listen: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify

10. Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics

Brought to you by Alcott Global, Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics is focused on talking to some of the best thought leaders in the industry and sharing this knowledge with listeners. Many areas are covered in the episodes, including supply chain and logistics leading-edge technologies, leadership stories, and personal success habits. Host Radu Palamariu chats to guest speakers from top companies such as Stellantis, Pfizer and Mondelēz International.

Episode frequency: 3 episodes a month

Episode length: Around 40 minutes

How to listen: Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, SpotifyAmazon Music and Stitcher

Supply chain professionals need to stay in-the-know, on top of emerging trends and challenges. Therefore, it’s important to listen to industry voices and what the experts have to say. What better way than tapping into a podcast?

Which other supply chain podcasts have we not mentioned. Let us know in the comments section

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