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Gains of Employee Training in the Transport and Logistics Industry.

Employee training is defined as a planned set of activities for imparting knowledge to employees, such that it leads to a growth in job skills required for organizational growth.

Any successful company in the transportation and logistics industry is surely aware of the importance of having a trained and skilled workforce. Simply put, investing in talent is one of the best ways of retaining the best employees who are the biggest assets of independent freight forwarders like you

A report by PwC titled, “The Future of the Logistics Industry” found that 50% of respondents consider the lack of digital culture and training to be the biggest challenge for transportation and logistics. The best freight forwarding companies are implementing dedicated employee training programmes for greater productivity and a high level of workforce retention. Both these factors are indispensable for the sustained business growth of the companies.  In today’s post, we will discuss how investing in employee training is becoming imperative in this constantly evolving and increasingly competitive market.

1. Greater employee retention

Replacing your company’s assets is way more expensive than retaining the existing ones. This is one of the primary reasons why you should invest in training your employees. As per a study by Gallup, replacing a worker can cost the organization almost 150% of the yearly salary of that worker.

Training lowers the employee turnover rate and allows the company to have a proficient workforce. Moreover, your employees will know that the organization is invested in them. This is one important factor that motivate your workforce not to leave your organization.

2. Stay ahead of the competition

At a time when the business environment has become increasingly competitive, a certification course for your employees can come with tremendous advantages. It will help them to adopt new work models and master the use of new software. In other words, it will help logistics companies to get a competitive edge and maintain their relevance in a constantly evolving supply chain.

3. Prepare your workforce for new roles

Employee training prepares your team to take up new roles and responsibilities. It allows your existing employees to fill up higher positions. This is very useful for a company since finding and hiring new talents requires time and expenses. Moreover, your existing employees are already familiar with the intricacies of your operations and work processes. Therefore, they can start working instantly.

4. Keep pace with the changes in the sector

The transportation and logistics industry is evolving constantly. Training your workforce is all the more important if you want to keep pace with the changes in the rules, regulations and technology in this sector. A well-designed logistics training course keeps the learners updated with the needs of logistics 4.0 and helps them secure their position in the industry.

5. Increase your productivity

A trained employee is generally more productive- showing a greater level of work output than an untrained worker. In other words, training boosts the skills and proficiency of the employees and helps to increase the quality and quantity of work output. Relevant and consistent training programmes can help companies to enhance their performance and boost their operational efficiency.

6. Boost your employees’ morale and job satisfaction

Apart from fostering the hard and soft skills of your workers, training also helps to elevate their morale and job satisfaction. In other words, it motivates your employees to brainstorm and come up with new solutions to a logistical problem. It enhances your work atmosphere and encourages the team to stick to your company’s standards. Additionally, better job satisfaction also inspires them to better serve your clients.


If you are still sitting on the fence as making an investment in employee training or not, i hope this article serves as a sign to tell you its time. You can get started immediately by taking a look at our training catalog to discover the different training that PLS TRAINING has to offer.

What other gains did we miss? Let us know in the comments

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