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5 Reasons Why you should Attend Trainings and Conferences.

Attending an all-day seminar, or even a three-day conference, may not sound like your idea of time well spent. However, getting out of the office for a day or more and gaining new knowledge is actually one of the best things you can do for your career and your job satisfaction. When your workplace sends you to trainings, seminars, or conferences, they are investing in your future. Instead of complaining about attending a workshop now and then, think about all you gain during this excursion away from your everyday tasks. Here are five reasons the next time your employer offers to send you to attend trainings or conferences, you should answer with a resounding “yes.”

1. Learn a new skill

Training and conferences are great for sharpening existing skills, but they can also introduce you to new skills. If your workplace acquires a new type of machinery or employs a new software and you aren’t familiar with it and don’t know how to use it, are you going to figure it out on your own? Surprisingly, many people would. But, just as getting to a new destination without a map could take you all over the country, attempting to know a new tool without instructions could eat up valuable time and you still won’t know the right path. Formal training gives you an overview of everything the new tool is capable of doing. Learning new skills makes your value as an employee greater. There’s a bonus that comes with training that offers new skills. They often also offer a certification.

2. Stay ahead of industry trends

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, keeping abreast of industrial developments is more important than ever. Participating in conferences provides you with insight into where your industry is heading and how to position yourself and your company to stay ahead of the competition. Furthermore, conferences offer an excellent opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of others and avoid making the same mistakes.

3. Strengthen Your Professional Network Connections

Networking is an integral part of any professional life. And it’s no different when you work in the world of events. Attending conferences and trainings that align with your interests will enhance your new relationships and community connections as well as expand your existing professional relationships. You may discover opportunities to collaborate or partner up with others. This could lead to new projects, partnerships, or even joint ventures.

Furthermore, conferences provide a unique platform for growing your brand. It may not seem like a notable thing, but getting to know more people can lead to career advancement. Actively creating networks keeps you in mind when employment possibilities arise and provides you with a great chance of receiving introductions or referrals.

4. Opportunity to Meet Leaders and Find Mentors

Attending conferences benefits everyone as it allows one to meet leaders and industry experts in your field and learn from their expertise. This means you’ll have the chance to ask questions, exchange ideas, and establish valuable relationships with influential individuals.

In addition, you may find someone you want as a mentor. Having a mentor is very beneficial as they can provide guidance and advice. Often, having a good mentor can lead to both business and career growth. Furthermore, conferences are often inspirational and motivating. Listening to industry experts talk about their own experiences and how they overcome their challenges can inspire you to do the same.

5. Resume building

The training you attend develops you professionally. Over time, you’re going to have skills that make you an asset to other companies as well. Remember that certification you received for learning how to operate that new piece of equipment? You can now add it to your resume.

When you attend trainings, whether they come with a certification or not, look good on your resume. They show employers you are willing to learn new skills and apply them. Even something as simple as workplace harassment can give your resume value. Not only did you attend the training, but you took it serious enough that you included it on your resume.

Final thoughts

The next time a training is offered and you’re tempted to pass it up, think again. Attend Trainings and conferences are not a waste, but not attending is a wasted opportunity. Think of training as your doorway to boundless opportunities. It offers career progression, job satisfaction, knowledge to make tasks easier, and knowledge that can be applied to all avenues of your life.

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