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The Role of CFP PLS Training – A Reminder of Purpose

The month of August was a tough one for us. From moving out of our old office within short notice to finding a new space and actually settling in. The good news is we found an even better new location and are ready to kick of business again. Click here to get to our new location

CFP PLS Training

Why CFP PLS Training exists?

If we are all being honest, this year has been hard on everybody. From the war in Ukraine that has escalated fuel and food prices to global warming just to name a few. Amidst all of this, it is easy to loose focus of the main reason why we are here and what we do. so here's a reminder.

CFP PLS Training offers to support companies in strengthening the capabilities of their employees through a progressive approach whose aim is to offer them the most relevant training solutions.

We support you in the development and implementation of the skills development plan for your employees.

We put our know-how at the service of VSEs, SMEs/SMIs/ETIs or Large Accounts, but also to public establishments and administrations.

Why choose us?

  • CFP PLS Training is certified by MINEFOP Approval No.: 00000454/MINEFOP/SG/DEFOP/SDGSF/CSACD/CBAC of 11/19/2021 having a strength of proposal and tailor-made support.
  • Our training programs are high quality and cover many areas. They include practical, real-world content transferred by experienced facilitators to participants
  • Our training rooms are comfortable and equipped with modern technological tools.
  • The effectiveness of our training programs is enhanced by our digital learning service, supported by our professional technical team to meet the specific needs of your business.

We decided to take off business by launching LEVEL- UP 2 . you can look up the modules available for this session and register here

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